Belt Strip Maschinenbau

Belt Strips

A Belt Strip Line produces high quality Belt Strips. Belt Strips are rubberized Steelcords. Steelcords are brass platted wire mesh. Mainly, Belt Strips are used in the Belt of Truck-Tires. The target is a higher stability of the Tire Belt.

The GfA Belt Strip Line has following properties:

  • Unwinding or Creel as Simple-, Double- or Triplecreel with Spools, BS40 /60 /80
  • KM-Berstorff GE-90mm or GE-120mm Extruder with Gearpump and Crosshead,
    • Extrusion width 155 to 235mm for strips (to be difined by the customer),
    • All variations are possible,
  • All Functions in Extrusion area with hydraulic movements,
  • Strip-Pull-off with  Cooling section, from 8 up to 14 double-walled Cooling drums,
  • Loop/Festooner as Single-Strip or All-Strip solution,
  • Wind-up:
    • Cassette Wind-up, simple
    • Cassette Wind-up, double
  • Possible Machinespeed: up to 50m/min
  • Production speed: >30m/min