The GfA- "SingleWireLine":

The GfA "SingleWireLine" is making high quality single wire beads for passenger car tires and the only machine running 8 beads at the time. Highest automation level is integrated.


Lett-off stations:

  • up to 8 Wire rolls with motorised tension control
  • Wire diameter from 0.89 to 1.4mm
  • Wire pre-heater with online temperature control

Pull-off machine with Festooner for single wires:

  • Wire pull-off up to 200 m/min

Winding machine:

  • 13" to 24"
  • 15 Seconds / Cycle for 16 Revs (3x4x5x4)
  • Recipe change within 1 Size: 2 Min.
  • Recipe change for different Sizes: appr. 10 Min.

Bead take-away equipment with 4-arm Bead-Magasin

Loading tower and Truck loading for up to 4 Bead-Trucks